About Us

York Street Café is a combination of 1st floor Restaurant, 2nd floor Lounge & 3rd floor Art Gallery making an unique gathering place for Dining, Entertainment and Art. Located at 738 York Street, Newport Ky.                859-261-9675. We are also on Facebook & Instagram.


History of the Building
According to the property records filed with the city of Newport, Joseph Feth designed and built the Queen Anne style building in the late 1880’s. The building was originally known as “The Feth Building” and housed the pharmacy of George Widrig in the front of the building and the Newport National Bank in the rear area of the building.

In November 1902, the Newport Fraternal Order of Eagles, Aerie 280, was formed and occupied the top three floors of the building. The F.O.E. held the distinction of being the first Aerie to be organized in the state of Kentucky and was one of the most prosperous. The second floor was used by the F.O.E. as a reception area; the third floor as a meeting room and private club space and the fourth floor as a crew room.

Both the pharmacy and the F.O.E. remained in the building until the mid 1960’s when William Seibert purchased it and developed it into the family business of Seibert Office Equipment. The company remained at this location until the spring of 1994 when the building was sold to David Hosea and reopened as the York Street Café.

In September of 1997, Terry and Betsy Cunningham purchased the café. The York Street Café now operates a restaurant on the first floor; a Lounge on the second floor; an Art Gallery on the third floor and a private art studio on the fourth floor. Many local rising stars have crossed the second floor stage and several have used the lounge to make live recordings. The third floor art gallery has given many artists a unique atmosphere to display their work and is used for private parties.